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 Sailor Moon & Star Wars: Clash of the Galaxies

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PostSubject: Sailor Moon & Star Wars: Clash of the Galaxies   Sailor Moon & Star Wars: Clash of the Galaxies Mvr9tgFri Mar 21, 2008 11:40 pm

Acedarkprincess: *Yes Stitch, I am finally posting my chapter Sailor Moon & Star Wars: Clash of the Galaxies 119291*

Darthstich: Lol ok for those of you who are wondering what is going on here, Ace and i have decided to write a Fan-Fic together using the two subjects we know most about, for me that is Star Wars, for Ace, It's Sailor Moon, So therefore we have created 'Sailor Moon & Star Wars; Clash of the Galaxies' we will add more and more chapters over time, for now here is Ace's Prolouge with Sailor Moon, and Expect my Star Wars Prolouge Soon Sailor Moon & Star Wars: Clash of the Galaxies 119291

Chapter 1: The Moon Kingdom's Demise

Once upon a time, long long ago lived a young princess on the moon. Her name was Serena, the daughter of Queen Serenity, Queen of the Moon Kingdom and the Silver Millennium. The Silver Millennium was a time when all the planets in the Galaxy came together for a week long celebration at the Moon Kingdom. Delegates from every planet were there, including the princesses of the other planets, who were Princess Serena's court. There were also many suitors for the princess, but there were two main problems. The Earth delegates were missing. Also that Princess Serena was in love. Her love was seen as unforgivable, and nobody was to know of her secret romance. But before I go on, I must take you back to why the Earth delegates weren't at the party.

At the time, the Moon Kingdom and Earth were war. The people of Earth were jealous for the happiness and prosperity of those on the Moon Kingdom. But one man, one Prince disagreed with the war. His name was Darien. Prince Darien would go up to the Moon as often as he could to try to get Queen Serenity to help him end the war. But all she said was that it wasn't in her power. Soon, Prince Darien began to come to the Moon Kingdom when he knew that Queen Serenity would be busy. He knew that the queen was teaching the princess to follow in her footsteps, and they would have to talk eventually. That's just what he wanted. Princess Serena was aware of the Earth prince, but she was shy at first. She knew the love was forbidden, but she wasn't sure why. One day, Queen Serenity was about to leave to meet the Queen of Saturn when Prince Darien stopped her. She was in a hurry, so she asked Serena to handle it. Serena looked away and blushed before leading the prince to the balcony outside of the ballroom. They sat at a small table and Serena could feel the butterfly's in her stomach. She listened while Prince Darien told her of the horrible things that have been happening.
"Oh my" she sighed. "I can't believe my peaceful people are at war."
"Your mother didn't tell you!?" Prince Darien asked in a very shocked tone.
"She must not have wanted to worry me.."
"I guess that makes sense"
"Well if that's all, I guess I'll be going.." Serena said as she got up and began to walk away, feeling as though she was going to puke.
"Princess Serena" Prince Darien said as he stood up and walked toward her
"You can call me Serena, or Princess" Serena interrupted.
"Princess" he continued "I've been dying to talk to you, I just wasn't sure how."
Serena went back to the table and sat down. She was in complete shock. Her dream was coming true, her love, loved her back.
"I can see you don't feel the same way Princess, so I'll be on my way." He turned to bow and then turned away again to leave.
"Prince Darien.." she began to say as she reached for his hand.
"Darien's fine" he interrupted.
"Darien" she continued "I like you too, but it's forbidden because of the war.."
"But together we could end it Serena"
She shook her head in agreement and just like that they become one. They walked to the side of the balcony. They looked down past the stars and down to Earth. Darien put his arm around her and pulled her in closer. As she listened to his steady heartbeat she looked up at her love who she would never forget. She smiled and he kissed her.

On the first day of the Silver Millennium, Darien wasn't there. It was the forth day of the celebration before he came.
"Serena.." he began to say looking up at his love from below the balcony where they had had their first kiss only days before. "I have some bad new Princess"
"You can't come to the ball..?" She asked
"If it were only that Princess, terrible things are happening on Earth, this Queen Beryl just came out of nowhere"
"Then you must go back"
"Yes, but i fear that when I get back there, it may already be to late."
Suddenly the guards came and chased him away. Princess Serena was walking down the grand staircase when a handsome masked figure grabbed her hand.
"May I have this dance Princess? Could be our last one." said the masked man.
"I'm so happy you came back" she answered.
"I couldn't leave without one last dance, the Beryl will stop at nothing until she has conquered the whole universe. I'll stay and help protect this Kingdom, but you have to know, I might not come back."
Prince Darien could see the tears forming in her eyes.
"I love you Serena and i want you to know, your in my heart always"
"I love you too"
Then after one last kiss, they heard the warnings of Luna and Artemis, the Queen's advisers. Queen Beryl appeared right in front of Princess Serena and Prince Darien. Then a beam of intense power hit them and pulled Prince Darien into the air.
"Serena!" he screamed
"Darien!" she screamed after him
"Run Serena!"
"No Darien, I want to be with you!" she screamed as she jumped into the air after him. About a second later another beam hit them and they were blasted apart again. This time killing both of them. Queen Serenity saw this and saw her only daughter being lifted into the air.
"No!" she screamed as tears streamed down her face. "I won't let them take away your future, this is for you darling"
At that moment she activated the Imperium Silver Crystal in the Crescent Moon Wand and shouted "Cosmic Moon Power!"
The queen trapped the evil forces and all of the people who had become victims of the Negaverse in the crystal. She only had one choice left. She had to end her own life, to save her daughter's. She sent everyone to the future on Earth and told Luna and Artemis that they would have to activate the Sailor Scouts if any evil became a problem in the future. Just like that, the queen died, and everyone was sent to their new future on Earth.

Chapter 2: A Quest Begins…

A Long Time Ago, In a Galaxy Far, far Away…
Deep within the fringes of space, the Planet of Alderaan is surprised and shocked by the news of the capture of their Diplomatic Representative, Princess Leia Organa, by the evil Darth Vader of the Galactic Empire, only to be more distraught by a strange new blot in they’re usually beautiful sky. Unbeknownst to the fair citizens below, this strange presence in the sky was a battle station of tremendous power, large enough to be a moon, and, theoretically, strong enough to Destroy a Planet. As plans were made to investigate the strange obstruction, this peaceful planet, and all of its inhabitants, became the first true test of that theory. Within seconds, a menacing, green laser passed through the planet’s crust, ignited the very core of the planet, and exploded it into millions of small pieces.
On that Battle Station, Princess Leia was broken hearted. All of her friends and family, everything she was trying to protect, was gone in an instant, and the evil monsters she was forced to be affiliated with made her watch it as it happened. A hatred came about her that she had never known before. But despite the situation, she held on. It was almost as if, through watching it she had gained a new strength of some kind….
As she was carried back to her cell for the time being, Darth Vader, who had been by the Princess’ side since he captured her in a recent raid, slipped away to contact his Master, the sinister Emperor Palpatine. He entered a large room, dialed in the correct numbers on a data-screen, and kneeled down on one knee. Suddenly, before him appeared a large hologram of the Emperor’s face, a face Vader knew all to well. It was the face that was either feared or loved in these rebellious times, the face that comforted him when he lost his mother, and seduced him when he was about to lose the love of his life, the face that rebuilt him when he was left for dead, the first face he saw once he dawned his hated suit and mask, the face of the man he had no other choice but to obey.
“Was our test a success, Lord Vader?” the Hologram greeted. Palpatine wasn’t much for pleasantries after he was given the position of Emperor.
While taken sporadic deep breaths between sentences, Vader Replied, “Yes, my Master. The planet exploded from the inside out.”
“Are there any traces left of the planet?”
“There are a few small rock fragments, but…”
“Destroy them.” Palpatine interrupted. “You must use more power on our next planet. If we are to keep our Death Star Project a secret we must leave no traces behind.”
“But, Master, there is nothing in our galaxy that can destroy a planet with out leaving a single trace.”
Annoyed, Palpatine said “Then, perhaps, you should look in other galaxies, Lord Vader.” At that moment the Hologram disappeared, leaving Vader alone in the dark room, mirroring the same feeling that Vader felt inside. As he left the room, memories of his past began to flash by, memories were all that Vader had. He had given everything to the Empire, his hopes, his dreams, and his heart. “Sold his soul to the devil” as some might put it. At one time he was a great Jedi Knight, a hero even, he had the girl of his dreams, friends closer than any family he could wish for, and the respect of thousands. Unfortunately, he did not have respect with those who he sought it from, the Jedi Council. Just the words passing through his mind flared up anger, hate, and other emotions that he could barely suppress.
“They were the ones that betrayed me, not the other way around,” he thought to himself. “They were the ones that would never be able to accept my love for Padme!...” Padme…. This word passing through his mind brought forth a whole different range of emotions. Sadness, sorrow, and, even at times, joy, one of the last sources of joy that his Dark mind had not fully corrupted. He could remember the good times he had spent with her, they’re first meeting on Tatooine, they’re time alone on Naboo, the comfort she gave him after his mother died in his arms, the love he felt for her all that time, and the excitement that he held back when he discovered she was pregnant with their child. But then he remembered the bad times, the nightmares of losing her, his fall to the Dark Side trying to protect her, and then her betrayal on Mustafar when she brought Obi-Wan Kenobi to destroy him. “Padme was no better than the rest of them! She deserves to be dead, just like those traitorous Jedi!!” Suddenly, the small bit of good within this nearly metallic man poked at him and made him realize what he had thought, and to make it worse, it made him realize he meant it. The memory of the women he once loved more than anything, was now nothing more than another weapon in his arsenal of Hate. Still, there was some love left for her deep within those memories, some joy deep within it, perhaps he could access it and pull it out…
Suddenly, a voice said “Lord Vader, our sensors indicate an unscheduled, unidentified craft is nearing us. Shall we capture it?”
Forcing all those thought and emotions back, Vader said “Of course. Bring it aboard and send a party of troopers aboard and check it for passengers and cargo.”
“Yes, My Lord.”

Chapter 3: What in the world..?

Many years later, on the planet known as Earth, we meet a young girl of 14. As the Moon Princess of the past, Luna had searched everywhere for this girl. The girl was now known as Serena. She had long blond hair, up in a strange hair style that looked like meatballs, just like her past life on the moon. One morning Serena was running late to school because she had slept in, again. As she took off running out of the house, she forgot her lunch and had to run back and get it. Making her even more late. When she was almost to school with a few minutes to spare, she saw two younger boys, about 10 or so, poking at a cat that was obviously hurt.
"Hey!" Serena screamed at the boys running over to them, "Leave that poor cat alone you little brats!"
After the boys had run off, Serena knelled down to see if the cat was alright. She noticed two bandages on the cat's head in an "X" and she pulled them off revealing a strange crescent mark. Little did Serena know, this mark meant that the cat was from the past, come to find her.
"Oh no! I'm really late now!" Serena yelled as she took off for school.
Serena just made it into the room before the bell rang.
"Gee Serena, you almost didn't make it this time." Her best friend Molly said as Serena took her seat.
"Yeah, I slept in again.." She muttered.
"I hear we're getting our tests back today. How do you think you did Serena?"
Just then the teacher shushed the classroom and began to pass out the graded tests. Serena spent all of class staring at the grade she had gotten on her test. When class was over and it was time to leave school for the day, Serena and Molly were walking home and decided to stop at Molly's mother's jewelry store. They saw a huge "Sale" sign in the window.

(continued in a later post, due to some problems.)

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PostSubject: Re: Sailor Moon & Star Wars: Clash of the Galaxies   Sailor Moon & Star Wars: Clash of the Galaxies Mvr9tgMon Apr 21, 2008 12:21 am

(Ch. 3 continued.)

"That's strange, Mama never has sales." Molly said in amazement.
"Well let's go see some stuff Molly!" Serena said running and dragging Molly into the store.
"Hi Mama."
"Molly! You brought a friend! Welcome!" Her mother said almost in shock.
"Mama, Serena and I were wondering if you had any pretty jewels that aren't to expensive.."
"Molly, you don't have to have fake, Live a little!"
"But Mama.."
"Molly, look at this one!!" Serena was saying while never taking her eyes away from some beautiful earings.
"Okay Serena."
Molly and Serena both tried on one of the earings. They looked in the mirror and decided neither one of them looked good in them. Serena looked at a clock and decided to get home before anything else happened.
"There's no way I can show mom this test." Serena said as she walked home, looking at the test.
She looked at the test and sighed. She stopped walking and crumpled it up. Then she threw it behind her.
She turned around and noticed an older guy behind her, looking at the test.
"Wow. A 60? Tell me something, do you not study, or are you really that dumb?" He said, now speaking to her.
"Give me that!!" Serena said snatching it from him.
"Whatever Meatball head."
Serena turned away from him. Then a moment after he had called her "Meatball head" she turned back around.
"My name's not Meatball head! It's Serena."
"Well, that's kinda pretty.. see ya around Meat- Serena."
He turned to walk away, but Serena stopped him.
"Hey Darien, you dropped this." She handed him a card.
"Thanks." He smiled.
They turned away again and Serena continued her walk home.
"Darien Shields.. Man he was a hottie!!!" She thought to herself. She began to get nervous as she walked up to her door. She walked into her house and tried to sneak past the kitchen, where he mom was, and get to her room.
"Serena! Is that you dear?" Her mother screamed.
"Yeah mom i'm home.."
"Your late."
"Yeah sorry, I walked home with Molly."
"Oh ok. I heard from Melvin's parents that you all got your tests back. How did you do?"
"I.. uh.."
"Serena! Let me see your test!"
Serena haded over her test and me mom freaked out. Serena was sent to her room to study. She sat on her bed with her book open. She soon fell asleep. But she woke up suddenly to something on her bed.
"The cat from earlier? How did you get in here kitty?" Serena questioned.
"Forget about that Serena." The cat said.
"Oh my gosh!! That cat is talking to me! Now I know I'm crazy!!"
"Your not crazy Serena, my name is Luna. I'm not just any ordinary cat."
Serena's mind was over loading.
"Serena!!" Luna yelled.
"Pay attention Serena! This is very important!"
"Umm.. Okay.."
"Like I said earlier, my name is Luna, and as you can hear, I can talk. I was once a guardian of a great Kingdom. The Moon Kingdom. There were also many other protectors of this Kingdom. I believe that you may have been one of them. But in a past life obviously."
"Your kidding right?"
"No, I'm quite serious."
"Why couldn't you talk earlier?"
"I wasn't sure that you were who you might be, but now I'm sure."
"Oh. Okay."
"So then, you believe me?"
"Not really.."
"What?! I mean come on! There was never any Moon Kingdom.. That's crazy!!"
"Well if you don't believe me, then throw your hand in the air and shout 'Moon Prism Power!'"
"Not like anything will happen, but okay. Moon Prism Power!!"
Just then something magical happened. She transformed before Luna's very eyes, in her own room. When the transformation was complete, she was wearing a red, white, and blue sailor suit looking outfit. The skirt was blue, along with around the back of the neck, there was a red bow that held a broach in the middle, and she wore matching red boots.
"Oh my gosh! Luna! What just happened to me?!"
"Well Serena, just as I suspected, you are the champion of justice, Sailor Moon."
"What does that mean?!"
"It means you have a mission."
"What kind of mission?"
"You must locate the other four Sailor Scouts and the Moon Princess, and protect her. All four of your together will be able to save Tokyo from the dangers that are coming."
"Okay, I'm dreaming! Sailor Scouts? A moon princess? This is crazy!!"
"You've got to believe in this Serena!"
"Whatever, I never even said I would help!"
"You must!!"
"I won't!"
"Your Sailor Moon! You don't have a choice!"
Serena started to get tears in her eyes and untransformed. Luna sighed and backed off for awhile. Serena was called to dinner and Luna followed, smelling fish. Serena's mother yelled at her for bringing a cat into the house, but Serena covered by saying that Luna was hurt and needed to be cared for. Her mother allowed Serena to care for Luna as long as she could take care of her. Several days later, Serena was at school and was talking to Molly in the hall as the smartest girl in the school, Ami, passed by, all alone.
"She seems really lonely.." Serena said to Molly quietly.
"Yeah, she never talks to anyone except the teachers." Molly replied as she put some books away.
"Maybe she just needs some friends.."
"Serena, she would probably think your using her for help!"
"But I wouldn't be.. But if she wanted to help, who am I to oppose?"
Molly just laughed as the bell rang. They ran off to class, but Serena waited to see where Ami was heading. The last bell rang and Serena ran into her classroom. Ami may have been best in the class, but she was still only in the same grade as Serena. Luna had been watching Ami for some time now, and Serena became great friends with Ami. Luna continued to watch Ami, and she finally decided that she had been right, Ami was Sailor Mercury.
"Serena, you've found one ally, Ami is Sailor Mercury."
"Good, that leaves three.."
"Great math Serena!" Luna joked.
"Your so hurtful Luna!!"
Serena teared up again, and Luna apologized. Ami now was okay with her new powers over water, as Sailor Mercury, and to transform all she had to say was "Mercury Power!". Her outfit was blue and white, she wore a blue skirt, lighter then Sailor Moon's, and matching blue boots. Serena and Ami continued to fight together on a regular basis. Several days later, they met a priestess, named Rei, and she was physic. Luna was watching her as well, and they all later discovered that Rei was the long awaited, second ally, Sailor Mars. With her transformation, "Mars Power!" she controlled fire, while also keeping her physic powers. Her outfit was red and white, with her purple bow, red skirt, and red heels. Rei joined them, but since she went to a special school across the city, and she had to help her grandfather at the family shrine, she wasn't around much. Later, a new student, Lita, became close friends with Serena, due to Serena's love of food, and Lita's love to bake. Lita was seen as a tough girl, and everyone ignored her at first. Just as Luna had guessed, their third ally had been found. Lita was in fact, Sailor Jupiter. Her transformation was "Jupiter Power!" and her outfit was a dark green color, with a pink bow, and matching dark green short boots.
"Luna, when are you going to tell us about what we're trying to do?" Rei questioned.
"As soon as everyone is together." Luna replied.
"But Luna! Who else is there?" Serena cried.
"We're still missing an inner soldier, Sailor Venus."
"As soon as we find our last ally, Luna will tell us everything we need to know."
"That's correct Ami."
"But where are we supposed to find Sailor Venus?"
"I'm not sure yet Lita. I'm scanning the city now as we speak, but I can't seem to find anybody that fits her description."

[Giggles - stopping here, Your turn Stitch ;D]

I am a big Star Wars Disney Geek, and would love to meet some more.
Sailor Moon & Star Wars: Clash of the Galaxies Dwhm_211

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PostSubject: Re: Sailor Moon & Star Wars: Clash of the Galaxies   Sailor Moon & Star Wars: Clash of the Galaxies Mvr9tgThu May 22, 2008 8:24 pm

Reserve Space for Future Chapters

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PostSubject: Re: Sailor Moon & Star Wars: Clash of the Galaxies   Sailor Moon & Star Wars: Clash of the Galaxies Mvr9tgFri Aug 01, 2008 4:16 am

Can't wait to read more!!

Very creative - you should be a Jedi, Ace...

Still enjoying it!

May the Force be With You. . .
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PostSubject: Re: Sailor Moon & Star Wars: Clash of the Galaxies   Sailor Moon & Star Wars: Clash of the Galaxies Mvr9tg

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Sailor Moon & Star Wars: Clash of the Galaxies
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