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 Dancing with Cinderella

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PostSubject: Dancing with Cinderella   Thu Dec 18, 2008 12:33 am

I had a great day today. I, once again, was working Spectacle, and didn't have to be in until 4:30. As i was coming in though, guess who was heading home? Our very own Ladyvader! So i got to talk to here for a second, picked up something to eat to warm up later, and got over to work. When i got over there, i got to pick out a pin lanyard special for the night. I picked one with a special cat member exclusive "Pixie Dust" Tinkerbell pin, that you can only get from a Cast Member for a special moment, however some people trade them and they end up on lanyards. Something inside of me told me that i might need so i could give it to somebody later in the day so i went and got one of the extra pins i brought from how, switched them out on my lanyard, and put the Pixie Dust Pin in my pocket, more on that here later in the Story.
I wasn't protecting Baby Jesus today. Instead they had me over by Star Tours, fending off the Sith and sending people the right way for the lights. I was up there for an hour or two and than they decided that they didn't need people that far back and sent me up to the Streets of America with all the lights. I got to dance around and use my Nightstick as a Microphone for those i caught singing along to the Christmas Songs lol.
But here is where the real fun begins. I was walking down the Streets and I saw none other than Cinderella running around. I got to admit, she is a lot shorter in person. 3-4 Feet high. Yup a cute little girl dressed in her Ball Gown and Glass Slippers. So i had my Nightstick on with the lights blinking, and Cinderella came over and started chasing after it, staying closer to her mom/chauffeur of course. For about 30 minutes she chased it around as i turned in circles, and than she figured out that when i go a different way than her and i go in a circle she could stop and catch the light, which she did lol. So than a Christmas song Cinderella liked came on and she started running around dancing, while she was still holding one end of the Nightstick and i was on the other lol. So we went around for a little longer Dancing, until she got tired enough to listen to her mom and get in her carriage. At this point, i remembered that i had the Pixie Dust pin. I told Cinderella that Tinkerbell had given it to me to give to someone extra special who was having a lot of fun, as little Cindy put it on her Dress, i told her mom that you could only get those pins from Cast Members. So as little Cindy and her mom went off, i said "Bye Cinderella, and don't lose your Shoes!" lol It was a very fun night. Smile

I am a big Star Wars Disney Geek, and would love to meet some more.
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PostSubject: Re: Dancing with Cinderella   Fri Dec 19, 2008 6:39 pm

that is the CUTEST story ever!!! awww.. you totally made that little girl's day! i miss Disney World and all the magic and little miracles that go on everyday!
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Dancing with Cinderella
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