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 The Menace's Revenge

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PostSubject: The Menace's Revenge   The Menace's Revenge Mvr9tgThu Feb 07, 2008 11:10 am

This is a fan fic I started writing a while ago, and I decided to share it with you guys here and hopefully work on it some more. Fyi, this is much darker than my normal stories, such as my Darth Stitch Trilogy, and if I would have to rate it I would give it a PG-13 rating all together, due to violence (I mean come on it is about a Sith Lord lol) though it doesn't really get to bad until Chapter 5
Have you ever wondered what would happen if Darth Maul wasn't killed in the epic battle at the end of Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace? Well, this story tell exactly that...
Disclaimer: I do not own Star Wars, Darth Maul, all other characters, and everything else.

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

Star Wars

The Menace’s Revenge

Chapter I: The Battle of Naboo

The Trade Federation, in league with the Sith Lord, Darth Sidious, was attacking the peaceful planet of Naboo. There was fighting on multiple battle fronts. Above the planet in space, a fleet of highly trained pilots, and a little boy who was hiding in a Naboo Starfighter, were attacking the Federation’s ships trying to destroy the droid command facility within. The Gungans, the native species of the planet, were holding off an advancing droid army. The Queen of Naboo, Padme Amidala, and her team of royal guards were on a desperate mission to get to the throne room and stop the Federation leaders. Finally, just inside from a hangar in the Queen’s Palace two Jedi, Qui-Gon Ginn and Obi-Wan Kenobi, were valiantly fighting a Sith named Darth Maul.
Obi-wan tried to attack Darth Maul with a powerful blow but it backfired and made him fall to a lower bridge. He had to call upon the Force to jump back up to the higher bridge which slowed him down and he had trouble catching up with his master and the wretched Sith. Qui-Gon and Maul fought through out the entire area and eventually the Jedi backed Maul into a room blocked by energy beams in the front and had nothing in it but a pit that seemed to go on forever. Qui-Gon was just one energy beam away from Maul, while Obi-Wan was behind the last. The beams flickered and opened, Qui-Gon came in right away and though his Padawan tried, he didn’t make it in into the room and was stuck at the same spot the Sith previously was. From that point he had to watch as Darth Maul slaughtered his master by sticking an end of his double-blade through Qui-Gon's stomach. The beams flickered and opened again. Obi-Wan quickly came through and began to attack Maul for his devious actions. Though most of the attacks were unsuccessful, one attack managed to break Maul's double blade in half. Then Darth Maul knocked Obi-Wan down into the "bottomless" pit and grabbed onto a small bulge sticking out of the side of the wall. He noticed his fallen master’s lightsaber and thought he could get it by using a Force pull maneuver as he jumped into the air, and then he could slice Maul in half. He attempted to do this but Sith countered, surprisingly, countered the attack. Obi-Wan Kenobi, a young Jedi in his prime, was, instead, cut in half and plummeted down the pit.

At that moment on Coruscant, the Jedi Masters Yoda and Mace Windu were meditating. Yoda suddenly said, “A disturbance in the force there is. Something that should not have happened on Naboo has.”
Mace Windu said, “I sense it to. I feel it will affect more than Naboo. I think it will affect the Jedi, the Sith, the Republic, and perhaps the entire galaxy.”
Yoda replied “Hmm…correct you are. See we must how this unfolds. Go to Naboo and discover what happened we will."

Back on Naboo, the battle was over. Anakin Skywalker had just destroyed the droid command center, from the inside. That was a feat that not even the most skilled pilots, let alone a little boy, could pull of. After the destruction of the droid command center, and the automatic shut down of the battle droids, the Gungans, who were about to lose their battle, were picking up droid parts for scrap metal. The Queen and her team had also made it to the throne room where they were "discussing" a new treaty with the Trade Federation leaders. Realizing that the Federation had lost the battle, Darth Maul retreated into the swamp land of Naboo, where his ship, The Sith Infiltrator, was hiding. Once inside his ship, he awaited for orders from his master.

A few days later, a transport ship arrived from Coruscant. On board, along with others, were Jedi masters Yoda and Windu, who came to investigate what had happened with the rumored Sith, and Chancellor Palpatine, former senator of Naboo, who had come home to celebrate the victory with his fellow people. When the Jedi went to go investigate what had happened in the hangar, Palpatine insisted on going with them. When they reached the room with the bottomless pit, Yoda said, "There the body of master Qui-Gon is. Killed by a lightsaber he was."
Then Palpatine said, "But the Padawan survived. Correct?"
"No," replied master Windu, who had just entered the room.
"What?” said the Chancellor in a deep, scratchy voice that surprised the Jedi.
After a small silence, Master Windu said "I watched the holorecording of what happened. Padawan Kenobi was killed and his body fell down this pit. The Sith must have ran off and went into exile whenever he found out the rest of the battle was lost. He is probably thousand of light-years away from here by now."
Regaining his composure, and in his normal voice, Palpatine said, "I see. It is most distressing to have lost two fine Jedi such as them."
"True that is. To commemorate there deaths, have we will a customary Jedi ceremony." Yoda commented.
Later at the ceremony, Master Windu quietly broke the moment of silence and said to Yoda, "The events that unfolded here leave us with three questions. Was the Sith the master or the apprentice, what are we to do with the boy from Tatooine, and what was the disturbance in the Force we felt?"
"To your first question, know I do not is the only answer I can give. See we must how later events unfold. To the second, bring him home to Tatooine we can not, leave him here we can not, find him a new home we can not, train him to be a Jedi, the only thing we can do that is. To the third question, like the answer to the first, this answer is."
"I see. I think that since this boy is such a special case a member of the council should train him. I will volunteer to do this task, considering this turn of events."
"Then Skywalker your Padawan is," commented Yoda as both of them turned to watch the burning body of the once great Jedi master, Qui-Gon Jinn, and his Padawan.

Darth Maul's comlink beeped letting him know his master had finally contacted him. A spot blinked on his datapad showing him the rendezvous point where his master wanted to meet him and exactly when. When Maul arrived, His master, Darth Sidious said, "I did not foresee that you would survive your encounter with the Jedi. I believe that you were not meant to, but perhaps the Force thinks differently. You need to go to the planet Korriban for three reasons. One, too build yourself a new lightsaber, two, there are events that need to unfold that you can not be a part of, and three, to see the visions within the tombs of the planer. Perhaps the Force, through these visions, will tell you something that it has not told me about why you survived."
Though initially shocked at his master telling him he doesn’t think he should be alive, he said "Yes, Master, I will return when all things you have said have been completed."

Chapter II: The Revelation of the Sith

Maul flew through hyperspace to Korriban. He knew very little about Korriban, and all that he did know were from his studies of the ancient Sith with his master. At one time this planet was a bustling metropolis, covered with some of the greatest, and strongest Sith ever. After the first Sith Empire was destroyed, the planet deteriorated and became a Sith graveyard, with tombs and statues of the Sith everywhere. The civilization was created and destroyed over and over again, but as of that moment in time, it was little more then a desert planet, with but one tomb visible. Maul figured that that would be the best place to search for new lightsaber parts, so he walked up to it Just outside was a sign. It said “This tomb is not to be entered. If you enter this tomb, even if you make it through the many traps within, you will be destroyed! Turn back immediately. Do not enter unless you have direct consent from the High Jedi Council of Coruscant.” Maul pulled out his broken lightsaber, cut the sign in half, and buried the top part deep in the sand. He never liked anybody or anything telling him what he could or couldn’t do, especially a stupid sign. He entered the tomb. When he first entered, he couldn’t see anything because it was so dark. When his eyes were adjusted, he continued to walk inside the cave. He got to the center of the tomb. There were three corridors that he could go down. The only difference between the hallways was the light around it. To his left it was dark, to his right it was darker, and in the center it was the darkest. As he is naturally prone to do, he went down the darkest. He walked down the hall, avoided the weak little traps set, and continued until he saw a door. He opened the door and walked in. A bright light flashed and, suddenly, he had his old double-bladed lightsaber within his grasp. He was no longer in the tomb but instead he was on Naboo, more specifically, he was behind the energy bars in the palace again. Qui-Gon Jinn was right in front of him just as before. The energy bars opened and Maul started to unwillingly attack Qui-Gon in the same way as before. Maul killed him like he did before. Obi-Wan came to attack Maul like he did before. Maul knocked Obi-Wan into the pit like he did before. But this time when Obi-Wan jumped out of the pit, he sliced Maul in half and Maul fell down the bottomless pit.
Suddenly, Maul was alive, wasn’t cut in half, and back in the tomb, in a large room. It was entirely empty except for something glowing in the far back of the room. He curiously walked towards it. As he got closer, he saw what the light was. To Maul’s surprise, it was a game of hollo chess and suddenly two ghostly figures appeared on each side of the table and started playing the game.
The one on the left said, “Check.”
The other commented, “We’ve been expecting you Maul.”
“Who are you and how do you know my name?” said Maul as he reached for his lightsaber, only to realize that it wasn’t there.
“Our names are not important. But you would know me by the name of Darth Revan and my friend as the Exile.” said the figure on the right, standing up from his seat. Revan looked much like a conventional Sith Lord. A dark robe, a utility belt covered with grenades and weapons of every sort, with a lightsaber as the center piece of the belt, and to top it all off, a menacing dirty mask.
“But that would make you two thousands of years old.” exclaimed Maul.
“I suppose it does.” said the Exile. The Exile looked much different than Revan, A brown robe with the hood up, no weapons except a lightsaber, and no mask, He continued, “You see we are siphons in the Force much like yourself. With that unique ability, we can restore our youth as often as we like allowing us to live forever.”
Maul questioned, “How did I get here? I was just on Naboo. I think.”
“What you saw was just a vision.” Revan answered.
The Exile then said, “This vision was what the Force intended to happen to you. You see the Force has a will, like a living being…”
Darth Maul replied, “I know that already, I have studied the way of the Force since I was a mere child.”
The Exile commented, “Well, it is time for you to learn more. You see, the universe is much like a game of hollo-chess. Every piece represents a group of people. The pawns represent civilians. They can only move in the way the Force is moving them unless will power tells them to get rid of the person next to them, even then they move in the new path the Force is leads them. The rooks are the tyrants and royalty. They have more power over the people and can move as far as they want but only in one direction or the other, as defined by the Force. The bishops represent people who know of the Force but do not wield it. They have much more freedom in the Force and are not destined to go the same way as others but still are ultimately under its control. The knights represent Jedi Padawan and Sith apprentices. They have limited ability to go about but can only go in small paths at a time. The queens are like Jedi and Sith knights. They can go any where and do anything as long as it is within the Force. The kings are like Jedi and Sith masters. They too can go wherever they want but they go slower because they are older and think things through before moving. They are under the protection of everyone whether the people know they are protecting them or not. If the masters disappear then it is just a short amount of time before all the other groups disappear as well.”
Revan, finally, commented “But because hollo chess is a mechanical game there is a way to cheat.” Revan messed with the panel and right in the middle of the chess board a new piece appeared.
At that moment, the Exile finished his speech, “That new piece is us. We can move off the board, go around it to the side, go underneath it, and do whatever we want, and not be held back by the Force but can control it, for good or for evil.”
“What do you mean?” said Maul.
“You are no longer bound by the will of the Force. You still wield it, but now you can bend it and control it for your desires.” said Revan.
“How do I do that?” asked Maul.
“You must learn how to use your new powers. We will teach you. But before you begin you must decide whether you want to learn how to use these powers to help the Force or use them to your pleasure. Each choice requires different training.” said the Exile.
Revan immediately commented, “Do not tell us your answer now but rather go back down the corridor you came and chose another hallway to go down. Go down the dark one to learn how to help the Force, and go down the darker won to learn how to use it for your wants and desires.”
“We will be waiting for you” said the Exile.
Immediately, Revan, the Exile, and the hollo chess board disappeared leaving Maul in the dark empty room with nothing in it except more questions

The Menace's Revenge K16oah

I am a big Star Wars Disney Geek, and would love to meet some more.
The Menace's Revenge Dwhm_211

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PostSubject: Re: The Menace's Revenge   The Menace's Revenge Mvr9tgSun Apr 20, 2008 5:14 pm

Chapter II is up... if anyone cares lol. A lot of the stuff in this chapter is based off of the "Knights of the Old Republic" Video Games.

I am a big Star Wars Disney Geek, and would love to meet some more.
The Menace's Revenge Dwhm_211
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The Menace's Revenge
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