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 Disney Land, St. Louis?

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Disney Land, St. Louis? Empty
PostSubject: Disney Land, St. Louis?   Disney Land, St. Louis? Mvr9tgSun Aug 03, 2008 5:40 pm

On one hand, Central Florida may owe the presence of Walt Disney World - and all the growth and tourism it brought to surrounding counties such as Polk - to a blabbermouth.

The story of a rude remark at an inopportune moment - causing a Cinderella story to turn sour - could simply be part of the lingering lore created as part of possibly the most secretive land deals in Florida history.

The tale takes place in November 1963. Walt Disney - who had seen his Disneyland in California become a hit since it opened in 1955 - was considering options for a second attraction. He was supposedly one day away from making a Midwestern city the nationís next tourist mecca.

At a cocktail party the night before signing the deal, however, a local business leader made a rather loud pronouncement: ďAny man who thinks he can design an attraction that is going to be a success in this city and not serve beer or liquor ought to have his head examined.Ē Disney flew out of town the next morning without ever signing the papers that would make the attraction a reality.

Rest of the Story

I am a big Star Wars Disney Geek, and would love to meet some more.
Disney Land, St. Louis? Dwhm_211
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Disney Land, St. Louis?
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