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 Unstoppable Force Purpose and Disclaimer

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PostSubject: Unstoppable Force Purpose and Disclaimer   Unstoppable Force Purpose and Disclaimer Mvr9tgSat Apr 19, 2008 6:36 pm

"Star Wars - Disney: The Unstoppable Force," hereby (in this message at least) referred to as TUF, is an unofficial Fan Forum Site of all things relating to Star Wars and Disney. darthstich, the Administrator of the site, Does not own any branches of the Star Wars or Disney industries. "Star Wars" and all things related to it is owned by Lucasfilm industries, and "Disney" and all things related to it are owned by the many branches of the Walt Disney Company. Affiliated Sites, A.K.A. "Partners," and any other site mentioned on TUF are operated by their sites owner/creator and are not off branches of this site, and neither is TUF an off branch of them, for more information on these sites, go to them. All opinions stated on this site are opinions of the User/Member who posted it, and not necessarily the opinion of TUF. Any information posted on this site is to be taken as rumors, unless they have sources of actual verification (such as While TUF is ran and maintained by darthstich, he bears no ownership or copyright to it. The site was created through's Forum Making System.

I am a big Star Wars Disney Geek, and would love to meet some more.
Unstoppable Force Purpose and Disclaimer Dwhm_211
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Unstoppable Force Purpose and Disclaimer
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