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PostSubject: Guest Rooms   Guest Rooms Mvr9tgWed Jan 30, 2008 4:25 pm

This thread is for you to show off your VMK guest rooms. I just wanted to show my Star Wars themed ones so i decided to make it lol. But you can show whatever VMK room you want on here Smile
This Is my Favorite room Star Tours! It is Based off of the ride with a few VMK changes. The Tron Table on the Ice Cube is supposed to be R2-D2, and i translate his beeps and whistles for everyone, which is one of the funniest and biggest changes i made from the real ride. This room also won Best Guest Room not to far back. Enjoy Smile
Guest Rooms 5zbyfcp

This is my virtual version of the "Jedi Training Academy" Show. Now you can't exactly have lightsaber battles in VMK like they do in the real attraction so i had to improvise. With several ideas from my friends, we finally decided upon what it should be. My Virtual Version is a mixture of "Jedi Training Academy" at the Studios and the "Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor" at Magic Kingdom. Put together it becomes "The Jedi Comedy Academy," A show where u learn the mysterious ways of the Funny side of duh Force. Story Line: Jedi Master darthstich discovered that the Force becomes even more powerful whenever it is fueled by positive emotion, such as laughter. So he and his fellow Jedi built this secret Base on the forest Moon of Endor where they invite Obi-Wannabes to learn this new outlook on the force. It is a lot of fun. For those of you who don't know, the entrance to Star Tours at the Studios is an Endor moon set and that is where they are building the new permanent home for the real Jedi Training Academy. Special thanks goes to my friend DocKeegan and Acedarkprincess (who i was informed just recently helped with it lol) for the idea for what to do with the room and Yavn for his joke about making an Ewok village out of Terabitha Tree Houses in an old newsletter which gave me the basic ideas for the room structure lol
Guest Rooms 68isvfm

I am a big Star Wars Disney Geek, and would love to meet some more.
Guest Rooms Dwhm_211
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Guest Rooms
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